H2 Drilling

H2 Drilling operates 3 modern drilling rigs covering the primary areas of central and western Kansas, and has drilled in southwest Nebraska, eastern Colorado, and in the panhandle of Oklahoma; can drill to maximum vertical depths of 10,000 ft.

H2 Trucking

H2 Trucking transports oil field equipment, to include drilling rigs and pipe throughout Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Texas. H2 Trucking also provides dozer and dirt work services, which includes preparing drilling sites, building tank batteries and lease roads, back-filling open drilling pits, and on-call snow removal service.

H2 Plains

H2 Plains operates 14 well-servicing rigs which specialize in down-hole rod and tube service, completions, work-overs, well wash-downs, and mud-pumping services.

H2 Oil Field Services

H2 Oil Field Services provides in-shop repairs and mobile repair services for drilling rigs, pulling units, medium-heavy trucks, and other heavy equipment.