Oil Facts and Statistics

Kansas Oil Facts
The Kansas oil and gas industry is over $4.3 billion industry. It employs over 67,000 Kansans in the production process and related services providing $2.7 billion in family income.

There are approximately 2100 licensed operators managing 59,489 wells in 89 of the 105 counties in Kansas.

Those wells consist of 69% oil producing 2.64 barrels a day and 31% gas producing 53 mcf per day.

The Kansas oil and gas industry is a dependable and stable element in the Kansas economy providing over $930 million in state and local tax revenue annually.

Kansas is the ninth largest producer of natural gas and oil in the United States.

Comparative Product Prices versus Crude Oil
Below is a list of commonly purchased goods and their average prices



Normal Size

Volume (oz)



Crude Oil- Kansas Common


1 Barrel




Regular Unleaded Gas (after tax)


1 Gallon




Milk – 2%


1 Gallon




Coca cola


2 Liter